The contract

for the supply of furniture

Be sure to read the text below before entering into a contract.

Safety at the workplace

Safety is our priority in the workplace. Employees ensure safety in the workshop and at the customer's premises, so they do not take off their shoes, do not change slippers because they do not meet safety requirements, shoes can be thoroughly wiped before work. It can be argued that the workers are enough to wear shoe covers, but this is unacceptable, because shoe covers reduce the grip of the sole of the shoe with the surface of the floor and there is a risk of falling. What is the specialty of the footwear that workers use? Reliable footwear that provides protection against injury and impact. One of the important elements of such shoes is a protective toe - it is a special insert in the front of the shoe, which prevents injuries to the toes. It can be made of different materials such as steel, composite or titanium. This sock protects the feet from being struck by sharp objects, falling objects and other hazards. The sole of work shoes can have several degrees of protection, protection against slipping, against oil and against chemical reagents, for example, resistance to acids, when installing furniture at the customer is an important parameter is slip resistance and comfort, which can not provide slippers that do not have a reliable fixation of the foot to perform work, this can be clearly illustrated when working on a ladder stepladder.

Our employees do not remove their shoes while installing furniture at the customer's home! Any injury is an insurance claim and insurance or sick leave is not paid by the customer and insurance agencies try not to pay. Please ensure that our staff can wipe shoes thoroughly with wet wipes.

If it is necessary to dismantle old furniture The customer needs to remove all personal belongings from it in advance!

We try not to do furniture installation after hours or on weekends!





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