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About us

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Meizer Furniture Company was opened in 2002. The company's team consists of consultants-technologists of furniture production. Meizer furniture is distinguished by quality and original design. As a rule, it is your ideas and our hands. In manufacturing we use materials and fittings from leading manufacturers of the furniture industry. The experience accumulated over the years of practice allows us to realize your most complex ideas and ideas. If what you want to order is not to the teeth of others, turn to us! Try to surprise us... You want to make your home cozy and comfortable? Part of this coziness of the house gives furniture. Meizer manufactures furniture to individual orders, taking into account your wishes. We offer time-tested materials and fittings, relying on the golden mean of price and quality. We have an unobtrusive, honest approach to customers and good service. To save you time, let's answer the question: What can you customize? Answer: Meizer can do everything! We are constantly learning... Our small staff and modern software allow us to quickly process the orders we receive.

author's furniture

Manufacturing of cabinet furniture for 17 years. Furniture of our production fully meets the quality standard required for these products. It is strength, durability, environmental friendliness of materials and of course a variety of interior solutions. Our consultants will help you choose the right options for an apartment of any layout. We provide sketches of future models in 3D with textures or black and white sketches in axonometry. We accept your sketches and variants taking into account your wishes.

Providing services to furniture companies

Furniture manufacturing companies face the question of where to get a good designer and a good technologist. And it is better to have a designer and a technologist at the same time. So pay less... We offer a package of services that unifies production! So, what is included in our services. Development of the production line from drawings, to cutting cards and additives. With the finished drawings, additive molding and assembly is very fast, errors in additive molding, which are sometimes made by apprentices, are reduced to 2%. Production begins to resemble conveyor assembly, which reduces the number of days to produce units of furniture. We are also developing a model line for furniture production. What are the advantages? First, you are given a complete package for production - office, household furniture (kitchens, hallways, slides and so on) to choose from. Secondly, all elements of the line comply with GOST, which is important. Thirdly, you get a full technical package for these products, including calculations. All this together simplifies production, saves money on the involvement of a designer and technologist. You pay once for a month of work and then use the package received unlimited time! In parallel, for medium and large firms, organizations provide advice, possible calculation of the business project, under the furniture factory. Unfortunately, there are few furniture factories in Kazakhstan, and most of them work only for the domestic market, often competing with manufacturers from Russia and China.

We make cabinet furniture, specializing in complex. We work with solid wood, veneer, artificial stone. We make bentwood furniture. You can see some of our works in the gallery. We use environmentally friendly materials, constantly in search, constantly in experiments, we make furniture on the following list: Office - any complexity, from workstations for employees, to complex exclusive offices for executives Kitchens - from budget minimalism, to solid wood with natural stone countertops. Bedrooms - beds, closets, chests of drawers, triangles. Checkrooms - any configuration and complexity, using compartment systems proven durability. Furniture for children's rooms - the motto, environmental friendliness in the square. If something is not in the list, please use the feedback form and ask our technologists.