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Care of

How to properly care for cabinet furniture.

So, we will talk about cabinet furniture, it is cabinet furniture made of laminated chipboard (chipboard) is now widespread among companies making furniture to order. A little bit about laminated chipboard. What is it? As described above, it is chipboard laminated with films. The films can be paper-based and impregnated with melamine resin. Cladding is done by hot pressing, at a temperature of 240 degrees Celsius and high pressure.... The finished woodchip board product is highly resistant to scratches and chemicals. No wonder why this material has gained such popularity.

Now about the main thing, namely the care of the furniture. It should be noted that such furniture is well washed, but there is one BUT! Anyway woodchip board is afraid of water, that is, if you are doing wet cleaning do not wipe the surface dry (especially horizontal), the water can be absorbed and woodchip board will swell. In order to avoid this unfortunate defect, you need to give the surface an additional treatment, using a polish with wax. This has several advantages!

Furniture polish containing wax improves the surface of cabinet furniture increases scratch resistance and provides protection against water

Firstly, it will make your furniture look better. Secondly it will significantly increase the service life. Thirdly it will give resistance for wet further wet cleaning. I recommend to avoid wet cleaning for the first month and only use a wax polish. You can apply the polish once a week. Do not be frightened that for some time the furniture will look in streaks on the light. After a month, apply a finishing layer of polish, thoroughly rubbing the surface with a soft cloth. Of course after this you can continue to use the polish as desired. We will not give advice on brands of means for polishing, the choice is yours, the only thing you should pay attention to is the presence of wax in the polish, it is the wax gives all the advantages!