Furniture prices

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Furniture prices

How is the price of furniture formed in Kazakhstan

Furniture prices in Kazakhstan, especially in the cities of Almaty and Astana, are formed under the influence of various factors. Firstly, the lack of own raw materials in the country leads to the need to import materials, which increases the cost of production. Furniture fittings are often imported from Russia and China, which also adds to the price due to transportation costs and customs duties.

Despite this, inexpensive cabinet and upholstered furniture is available in retail chains such as Leroy Merlin, where prices remain competitive due to the scale of purchases and logistics optimization. Great competition in the market contributes to reasonable prices and improved quality of the products offered.

The key materials in furniture production are laminated chipboard (chipboard) and medium density fiberboard (MDF), which are widely used due to their strength, versatility and relatively low cost. Chipboard and MDF are often imported from abroad, which affects the final cost of furniture. These materials offer manufacturers a wide range of design and finishing options, but dependence on imports makes pricing subject to fluctuations in exchange rates and international economic conditions. Фурнитура для мебели, такая как ручки, петли и направляющие для выдвижных ящиков, также имеет значительное влияние на стоимость. Качественная фурнитура часто завозится из России и Китая, что добавляет дополнительные расходы на логистику и таможенные сборы. Однако использование качественной фурнитуры является важным аспектом для обеспечения долговечности и функциональности мебели.

Thus, furniture prices in Kazakhstan are formed not only due to economic conditions and market competition, but also under the influence of the cost of imported materials and accessories, which are an integral part of the production process.

Thus, the price of furniture production in Kazakhstan is the result of a combination of economic conditions, global market trends and cost management strategies at the local level.

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