Furniture is inexpensive?


Furniture is inexpensive?

Why is it so expensive?

This is a deep question and the answer to it requires patience and diligence. For clarity, I will tell a beautiful and old as the mountains of Kazakhstan story of one simple worker from an aul called Aldar-Kose....

This is a deep question and the answer to it requires patience and diligence. For clarity I will tell a beautiful and old as mountains of Kazakhstan story of one simple worker from a village named Aldar-Kose. Aldar-Kose worked honestly all his life, raised sheep and was engaged in agriculture, growing tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic and so on for the needs of his large family. Hard times

And here came the moment when Aldar-Kose found it difficult to feed his family, maybe because all the land around his village was bought up by rich bai from the Karakshylar family and there was no place to graze cattle, or because the children wanted to enter the institute and leave their father's house to move to the city nearby, or maybe they wanted to buy a beautiful shiny car Toyota Camry like their neighbor Aylaker, nobody knows exactly. But Aldar-Kose decides to go to work in the city, where the pay is higher and the opportunities are unlimited.

And the city is bustling, everyone is running somewhere, bustle and traffic jams, in a word, a madhouse. But there are no problems with work, the roof to fix, tile in the bathroom to put, or change the faucet in a word, there is a lot of work, and performers are not enough. A lot of work

A resident of Ashkөz wants to change the roof, the old one has long been leaking, and modern materials for roofing beautiful and durable. Ashkөz is looking for a good master, but most importantly that this master took inexpensive, because Ashkөz and his family constantly save money and they can be understood they live in this crazy city working hard and want to rest worthy of their labor and not on Kopshagai, but in Turkey or Egypt and Thailand. And it's their right where to rest, because even on the same Kopshagai so easy on his car can not pass, there are around the bollards stand and near each sit dzhigits and demand tenge for passage, for parking, for an umbrella over the head, for tapchan in the gazebo, but to be fair for the sun and water while the fee is not taken.

And so Ashköz finds among the ads master Aldar-Kose, who can absolutely everything and takes inexpensive unlike the master Kymbat. And not just inexpensive, but almost for free and Ashkөz well and Aldar-Kose well, because it is a direct duty of dzhigits their seven to feed and nurture. Ashkoz quickly gets along with Aldar-Kose because in the past his relatives themselves lived in the village and even in the neighborhood. Of course, the contract is not made, because for real dzhigits word is more valuable than any paper and work begins.

Tup tup and it's done

Aldar-Kose and his friends change the roof covering for Ashköz, who accepts the work reluctantly because it is crooked and slanted, but it is cheap. After paying for the work, Ashkoboz withholds a penalty from Aldar and goes to rest. Aldar, too, is not in trouble aksha bar, you can take the next job. After a while, Ashkөz notices that the roof leaked, he calls Aldar and says that it must be fixed, Aldar first promises to come< as he can, then does not pick up the phone at all and changes the SIM card, and he can be understood he has no time, he works hard and as he can for the good of his family. Upset Ashkoboz calls the master Kymbat and asks him to fix everything. When Kymbat voices the cost of the work, Ashkөz asks a question - why is it so expensive? Kymbat only shrugs and does not even want to answer anything, because he pays rent for the premises, because he pays taxes, because he keeps good tools in order and because he does not want to redo someone else's work, and in the end Kymbat also has a family and requests and wants to rest on Alakol and prices in stores are growing constantly and much more. And in this story it is possible to understand all and hard worker Aldar and poor Ashkoz and master Kymbat, they are all right in their own way and strive to live better.

Any coincidences are nothing but coincidence, names of heroes are taken from free sources and do not hint at anyone!

Therefore, when someone once again read in my ads “expensive” will wonder why, remember this beautiful steppe story about three glorious dzhigits from sunny Kazakhstan and make your choice on the means that you have, remember for every customer there are Aldar-Kose and Kymbaty and let you do the job qualitatively, so that it did not leak and did not break!

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