Choice of furniture


Choice of furniture

Choice of cabinet furniture in Almaty In order not to run into middlemen and scammers, there is a good Spanish proverb: “If a hundred people sit and knit brooms, sit down first and knit!

There is a good Spanish proverb: “If a hundred people sit and knit brooms, sit one hundred first and knit!” And really who only today is not engaged in the manufacture of furniture, but it is not about judging someone exposing their services better. The fact is that buying something we are looking for the best for ourselves, and about tastes here is not to argue.

So the task to buy, order good furniture is not expensive, what can you pay attention to? Most believe that the price is the main indicator, is expensive means good. This is a stereotype and a misconception. Airplanes, for example, can cost tens of millions, but still, disasters happen. Not all companies put top prices on quality and made by technology furniture. Good things can be inexpensive. When choosing furniture or a company that accepts orders for manufacturing you can pay attention to some important details:

  1. Serious companies conclude a contract, which stipulates the terms and warranty period. If you do not conclude a contract, there is a high probability of becoming a victim of fraud.
  2. Finished products, if any. Pay attention to how the product looks, it is clear that the exhibition sample, as a rule, do on conscience, but still better at this stage to trust the eyes than the ears, which will certainly take the sales manager.
  3. availability of its own production facilities.

Now pay attention! Often assurances that materials and fittings are made, say in Germany puts your vigilance to sleep. Many European manufacturers have branches in China and produce quality products. Also do not rely on assurances that the equipment, such as Italian, much more important who maintains and works on the machines. But such assurances are rare nowadays.

Let's focus on the details. The first is the edge, if the finished product has unlined edges, it is a clear indicator of lack of quality. In the manufacture of particleboard (chipboard) used as a rule urea-formaldehyde resins, which of course contain a minimum of free formaldehyde (Formaldehyde - irritating enough poisonous gas. It has a generally toxic effect. It causes damage to the Central Nervous System, liver, lungs, kidneys and visual organs. Formaldehyde has allergenic, mutagenic, sensitizing, carcinogenic action). But let's not talk about the scary stuff. The use of edge materials limits the intense evaporation of formaldehyde.

The second is the quality of assembly. When assembling cabinet furniture can apply various fasteners confirmaty, corners, eccentric ties, screws, screws. As a rule, in quality products fasteners combined. Usually simple furniture is assembled on confirmats, more strong and durable product along with confirmats used screws or if it is a small-sized module use furniture glue.

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